Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an evidence based adjunctive clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic treatment-resistant PTSD.  This technique was developed by David Emerson at the Trauma Center.  TCTSY has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory and Neuroscience.

The TCTSY approach offers choice and body-centered self-awareness to support in recovery, Choices are communicated through language and every yoga form offered by the facilitator is presented as an invitation. Invitational language encourages curiosity and invites exploration of what one might feel in different parts of their body based on the form they are choosing to take. Participants may investigate what choice feels supportive for them, taking cues from their direct experience.
During the session the facilitator participates in the yoga forms, offering a shared authentic experience. This human connection initiates healing through relationship with each other as well as present moment and their body.
TCTSY participants are invited to notice and feel sensations within their body throughout the practice.  Participants are then encouraged to make choices about what they do and how they move with their body based on what they sense.

  • TCTSY uses Hatha Yoga forms as a way to access the body and functions as bottom up approach to treating trauma,
  • There are no physical assists provided.
  • There are no physical props required