Thanks for stopping by to read this about me page.

I wanted to share a quote that resonates with me and my experience: “you’re exactly where you are meant to be meandering along a crooked path” Martha N. beck

This might shed some light on how I ended up as a trauma treatment specialist
In my twenties I studied fine arts in university and then spent many years as a facilitator in the corporate world, in 2015 ( and into my thirties) I took another turn and began teaching yoga professionally. The shift to yoga was part of my journey into my own healing. After attending a Trauma sensitive yoga workshop in 2016, I knew my professional focus was about to change again. I began to understand how pervasive trauma is in the culture and began to recognize my own trauma past, it became clear that my next step would be to immerse myself in the study of Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

I completed my 300 hr. (TCTSY) Trauma sensitive Yoga training with the Trauma centre in 2018 and am now serving clients in the Toronto and surrounding area as a TCTSY facilitator. As I continue to meander down this crooked path I will update this page accordingly.